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Abstrak ini telah saya emailkan kepada Pak Profesor dan telah mendapat persetujuan. Di sini saya paparkan abstrak tersebut. Kalau ada kawan-kawan hendak cantikkan abstrak artikel bahasa Inggeris ini, silakan. Bukan sahaja tapak tangan dan nyiru saya tadahkan, tapi 45Megabite blog saya tadahkan.
Waqf management in Malaysia operated long before the intervention of the British Army into Malaya. During that period, awqaf were administed by wakifs himself and individual trustees appointed by wakifs or beneficiaries of wakifs. After independent, the National Constitution was enacted and after that all fourteen State Islamic Religious Council (SIRC) in Malaysia were entrusted with the role as the sole trustee of all waqf, charity and nazr. However after almost 50 years under the belt of SIRC guidance, the waqf image are not improve much. Waqf are still lacking behind. Many issues were neglected by the waqf authorities although these issues were vital, sensitive and must be rectify in order to make the waqf management and development move forward. Not much have been done by SIRC to improve the management and development of waqf in Malaysia. Although several state planned a waqf action plan, the progress were very slow or worse, failed. It is found that many of the issues mentioned above were not attended or solve yet due to lacking of commitment from the SIRC staffs and policy maker.
The paper aims to discuss an unsolved issues in the waqf management by SIRC and to suggest a solution through corporatization of waqaf. To do that, this paper will be divided into three (3) parts ; waqf unsolved issues, benefit from corporatization strategy and suggestion of a corporatization model. To achieve this, library research were undertaken to gather secondary data in relation to waqf institution through the examination of the past literatures. This paper were also based on participatory observation experience by the author while serving as an Waqf Officer at the Penang SIRC from 1990 to 1994, a Special officer to the President of Penang SIRC from 2004 to 2008 and as a so-called General Manager of Penang Waqf Corporation from Nov. 2006.
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